My name is Joanna Petruczenko and I am a professional henna artist from Poland. 

I fell in love with henna almost 16 years ago and it`s still my passion and one of the most amazing inspirations for all the things I create. 

For me henna is the perfect form of art: it allows me to utilize my drawing and painting skills (I used to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) to create something new. It`s also such a wonderful and not really well known in Poland tradition. I`m happy to teach others about both history and traditions from Ancient Egypt, Morocco, Arabian Penisula, India and Pakistan, and Turkey (and I`m still trying to learn more about henna traditions in Spain that were basically eradicated by the Spanish Inquisition, still looking for more information about Armenian and Sudanese henna... there's so much more to learn).

If you want to be a part of my art contact me and choose one (or a few) of the available services; I`m willing to travel to almost every destination:
- bridal and private henna appointments (I`ve worked mostly with Polish-Indian weddings, did a few Moroccan designs for brides too thanks to great Moroccan henna workshops with Fatima Oulad Thami

- parties and company events (I`ve been doing henna at both Diwali and Holi celebrations organized by India in Poland and Lituania society since 2016, I worked with Indian restaurants like Buddha in Katowice, 

- workshops (I did henna workshops for Manggha Museum in Kraków, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, East-West Mehendi Meet, an international henna conference, and a smaller conference in Germany, my specialties: workshops for beginners (theory, history, and practice) and connecting traditional and modern henna details).

Joanna Petruczenko
kontakt @hennaillu.pl
(0048) 513 448 414

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If you want to know more or have a wonderful artistic idea feel free to contact me.


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